Technology… To be, or not to be.

When looking at the topic, it was rather difficult to disagree with the statement that “technology enhances learning” as in most ways I find students are more engaged when using technology. At times, as a grade 8 teacher I find that students are addicted to their phones and become distracted by technology. Often students show up to school with their headphones in, they go for recess with their head phones in, or as soon as they finish an assignment, they want to play games on devices or chromebooks. I liked the SAMR visual because it is a model that supports teaches understand the integration of technology. This idea was made known by Dr. Ruben Puentedura which allows teachers to develop, design and infuse learning supported by technology.


This visual provides a more real life view of how this can be implemented. Most teachers would being by grazing the surface by using substitution for writing notes or reading a textbook, later transformed into allowing more creation of new tasks with technological advancements through the use of apps for videoing, making story boards, etc. I think some teachers need more training for those who are intimidated by technology and at times they fear the students may know more than the teacher.

All in all, I do support technology in the classroom but I think there needs to be perimeters. Students need rules that they have to follow while also implementing a digital citizenship lessons throughout the year. Students need to understand how to use technology appropriately but also need to take a break from it! I find social skills have decreased a little when it comes to classroom discussions as they do not interact a whole lot outside of school if they are not involved in sports or group tasks in the evenings. Often parents will tell me that their children come home from school, have no homework, and just play on a gaming system or a device. I think we need to support students through understanding how to use phones but I also think we need to continue to teach social skills and how to work well within a group with peer interactions.

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2 thoughts on “Technology… To be, or not to be.

  1. I agree when you say that “there needs to be perimeters” about technology. I actually write about this as well. Time and place for technology use is very important. I find that my students have a hard time interacting and that their social skills need work. I think it is important to teach balance with technology so students do not lose those personal skills.


  2. As teachers, we can often get stuck in that feeling of needing to know everything. When we let go of some of that and realize that there are things that our students can teach us, we allow for more growth and development. I don’t think that it always takes training to learn about technology (sometimes definitely yet) but rather being willing to take a risk. Modifying what we do, as the SAMR model says, can be a very rewarding experience for both teachers and students.


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