If I had the power…

jim carrey power GIFI would include the Financial Literacy. I feel as a student growing up, no one ever talked about saving money, RRSP’s vs TFS , student loans, how to buy a new vehicle, the expenses that come with owning a house and the list could go on. Perhaps I should blame my parents… I feel like my teachers never talked about this. Now, as a teacher I often find myself talking about my current financial situation. I do know from talking with my parents now, that money wasn’t as easy for people to talk about before. No one liked to engage in stating what they had in savings, RRSP’s or how much their houses were. I often find myself asking people when they get a new car or house how much they paid. If I ever do this in front of my parents, they ridicule me. They say it is very rude and disrespectful. But usually, people respond with the honest truth. Which I also think we need more of – honesty! I find myself being a very honest person and I find my student can resonate with that more. This world is tough to navigate, so why not equip students in the most effective way possible. At times as teachers we spend more time with children than they spend with their own parents. Students need to understand the value in honesty. When they have jobs later in life, if they are not performing to their expected standard they need to know how to take criticism. I often preach to my students about the importance of being resilient, while advocating for themselves when they need help, dont understand, or need clarification. All in all, we need to prepare students in as many ways as possible and I believe the earlier you start being honest, talk about expenses, and their futures, the better off they will be.

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3 thoughts on “If I had the power…

  1. I agree with you and I like your idea of “Financial Literacy” being added to our curriculums. This would be such a real-life skill that would have an impact on the future for our students. We all have a “friend” that is really bad with their money and I think if we stopped hiding information and were honest about how much people make and spend to sustain their own lifestyle then students would be better equipped with the knowledge they will need for financial stability in their own lives.


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  3. I totally agree with this! This is something that is overlooked in education but yet it is so very important to understand in order to be successful in life. I often find myself having conversations about money and saving even with my 5-year-old but cannot recall having conversations about financials with any of my students. I often think about this around tax time and how many years I have had to file income tax and yet how it is still such a learning experience every single year. How can we better prepare our students for these real-world expectations that they will need to do?


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