Is there such a thing as too open?

I think we need to monitor how much we are posting online when we are with students. I think it is nice to capture great things going on around schools, but as teachers we need to create and maintain a positive online identity, not only for ourselves but to model for our students. I connect with Dani’s point about potentially causing more anxiety in an anxiety ridden world, when we are frequently capturing photos. I know for me, I have not a person who loves getting photos taken. I immediately feel anxious and worry what it might look like and this causes me to not want photos taken of me. We need to be mindful that students may or may not want to be photographed….Particularly with the rapid rate technology is changing and we need to be ready for changes. How can we maintain capturing and sharing in a classroom and limit student anxiety? What security concerns are we setting them up for if we are constantly oversharing as Amy stated?

We should not be comparing future generations and current to the previous generations. We as teachers need to be update and informed. If we are going to capture students photos, then we need to have our “bases covered” meaning we have our forms filled out and know who has consent compared to those who don’t. Currently, I have found that I have stopped sharing my students journeys on social media simply because I have more and more students who do not have consent, therefore it makes me be more conscious of where they are when I am taking photos. Secondly, our division has implemented new regulations about posting and saving previous student work. That being said, if I want to share an old assignment or post a photo of their great work on my personal social media, I need to have consent. All in all, I do believe that technology should be used and we should use some way to share student work with families and I feel it is just as important to teach digital citizenship at school. For the most part, us as teachers are the most informed and have the updated knowledge. Some parents may lack the awareness and understanding so I think it would increase student awareness I we include digital citizenship throughout our curriculum, all year long.

One thought on “Is there such a thing as too open?

  1. Great post Kyla,
    You made a great point in the zoom chat that:

    “I find I have stopped sharing as many things on social media as there are a lot more students without consent for photo sharing and I am always worried they will be in the back of a photo and then I cannot use it. Our school division has also made us think more about the photos we are sharing on social media surrounding student work so this has made me limit the amount I have been sharing in recent years”.

    I find myself doing the same. I don’t want to run into any trouble by doing something that the school division does not approve. This means we need to make sure we do out research before posting.


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