That is a wrap! #eci834

I have to agree with the title on Wendy’s blog! Learning always, learning all ways. This is critical as we emerge as online teachers. I have always found myself confident and competent when using technology. I think classes such as Alec’s allow for you to deepen your professional development with technology and it allows you to expand your knowledge which can be passed onto others. When creating online/blended classrooms, there is so many different things to consider. We need to ensure we have a safe comfortable environment for students, even when we may not see them face to face. In addition, I would say was that you need to be organized. We have to be organized and chose a platform that best suits the needs of us as educators as well as our students.

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For our course prototype, we used wordpress as the main “hub” for everything. I think if I went through with a paperless classroom or had the opportunity to create an online classroom, I would use Google Classroom as assignments can be turned in easier on there, than through using wordpress. I find it would be easier to track all student assignments, allow for immediate feedback and store everything in one spot. When choosing KidBlog, I think this was a great choice because it is a safe environment where students can blog. When using other sources like Adobe Spark and Postermywall, they are great resources that will allow students to be more creative and using a software to help them, rather than just a Google Doc.

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I believe Alec’s teaching and organization is a huge proponent of how I would run an online classroom. I love the idea that he has a weekly schedule posted, where it is easily accessible and we can look back for previous classes as a reference. I find this super helpful when looking at creating my summary of learning as well. Overall, as teachers we need to be thoughtful in the ways we implement technology. It must be purposeful and useful for our students. As long as we put student learning first, with a plan in mind, I think technology can help so many students. All in all, I have witnessed many improvements in my own teaching and in my students learning as well as growth in my professional development.

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